Space Partnership

Bringing together industry, academia, and government to grow the UK space sector.

Introducing the Space Partnership

The Space Partnership brings together industry, academia and government stakeholders to work together on priority issues to realise the ambitions set out in the National Space Strategy and grow the UK space sector.

The Space Partnership draws on knowledge and expertise from across the space sector and works collaboratively to support the activities which require a UK sector approach including the evolution and delivery of UK space policy.

The Space Partnership launched in November 2022 following the trial of the concept in the National Space Partnership (NSP) Pilot and builds on the work undertaken by the Space Growth Partnership since 2016.

More about the Space Partnership

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“Our £17.5bn space sector delivers huge benefits to the UK’s economy and society, and to ensure we deliver the key ambition of our National Space Strategy – to grow an innovative commercial space industry – it is essential that the space community works collaboratively across the whole sector; bringing together researchers, policymakers, small companies and industry. Our £1.5m funding for the Space Partnership, through the UK Space Agency, is a sign of our commitment to build a broader UK space sector, drawing on expertise across companies – big and small – in the industry to seize the many opportunities ahead.”

George Freeman MP
George Freeman, Former Minister for Science, Research and Innovation

Key Activities

In alignment with the National Space Strategy, the Space Partnership will shape and set direction for UK space policy using expert insights.

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Develop tangible proposals for collective action across industry academia government.
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Reveal the opportunities where industry and the research base can provide support for strategic space goals and ambitions.
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Be a voice for balanced, collaboration across the community.
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Engage openly with the diversity of the sector, providing opportunities for wider input.

Benefitting the Space Sector

The Space Partnership builds on the strong track record of collaborative working across the UK space sector. Drawing on expertise and knowledge from across the sector, opportunities are identified, challenges investigated and all available levers to address them explored.

 The Space Partnership brings the collective endeavour of industry, academia and government so that together the ambition laid out in the National Space Strategy is delivered to benefit us all.