Prosperity from Space

A partnership to grow the UK Space sector

Prosperity from Space

A partnership to grow the UK Space sector

Prosperity from Space

A partnership to grow the UK Space sector

Prosperity from Space

A partnership to grow the UK Space sector

Space is a great British success story

It is one of ambition and imagination, where bold thinking has inspired new businesses, opened up new markets, enabled up us to navigate our way around the planet and map a billion stars. Our expert scientists and industrialists helped define the start of the Space era, and today the UK is a world-leading Space nation.

The Space Growth Partnership (SGP) brings together companies, institutions, academics and entrepreneurs from the Space community to work with the Government to secure the future growth of the UK Space sector. Together, we are working to increase the UK’s share of the global Space market to 10% by 2030, a market that is estimated to be worth around £400 billion.

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UK Space Sector

UK Currency


Value of the UK Space industry



UK’s current share of the global Space economy



Value of UK Space industry exports



Invested in research and development in 2016/2017

stats up


Organisations with 39 new entrants per year



Jobs supported across the UK economy

Building on our strengths


Connectivity Services

£40bn forecast market, delivering broadband and 5G for everyone - at home and on the move, on the road, in the air or at sea, anywhere around the globe.


Earth Information Services

£20bn forecast market, delivering real-time global awareness, navigation, analytics and security for the advanced data economy.


In-Space Robotics

A nascent market potentially transforming the way we can use and explore Space, including all new applications for science, enterprise and consumers.


Low Cost Access to Space

Maximising the value of proposed UK Spaceports and launch from the UK, a £10bn forecast market, making the UK a home for low-cost launch services.

Delivering Growth

The UK Space sector’s bold ambition is to:

Double the value of GDP from industries supported by Space data from £300bn to £600bn
Stimulate up to £1bn of private investments in UK Space infrastructure using smart government procurement
Contribute £3bn to the economy from increased investment in research, science and innovation
Generate additional £5bn in export revenues
Create a Space eco-system that attracts £3bn in inward investment and £500m of equity investment per annum
Attract and train 30,000 additional skilled people across the UK