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Space Together

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Introducing the National Space Partnership

The National Space Partnership (NSP) was created in 2021, as a progression from the Space Growth Partnership (SGP) and former Innovation Growth Strategy (IGS) which was initially created in 2010 between government, academia and industry, to set a plan for a UK space strategy for growth. In response to a changing UK space sector landscape, the NSP will provide a sector response to the first cross-government National Space Strategy.

The aim of the National Space Partnership is to be an independent, trustworthy moderator for government, industry and academia to accelerate the implementation of the National Space Strategy.

The team is led by an independent Partnership Director, supported by a team of sector experts and governed by an Interim Steering Group to provide guidance and expert advice on the direction and focus of activities.

More about the NSP

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Vision of the National Space Strategy

We will build one of the most innovative and attractive space economies in the world, and the UK will grow as a space nation. We will protect and defend the UK’s interests in space, shape the space environment and use space to help solve challenges at home and overseas. Through cutting edge research, we will inspire the next generation and sustain the UK’s competitive edge in space science and technology.

The UK’s National Space Strategy has laid out the vision for space in the UK; to realise this vision there is a need to work collaboratively across Government, industry and academia with a new and vibrant focus on our collective future. The National Space Partnership seeks to realise this much-needed collaboration and to marry the needs of Government, industry and academia to deliver the strategy.

Ruth Mallors-Ray, Director, National Space Partnership

Key Activities

In alignment with the National Space Strategy, the NSP has set out the following goals to achieve over the next few years:

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Identify emerging and developing opportunities in the UK and on the global market relevant to the UK space sector
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Map capabilities across the UK space sector as an ongoing, live activity referenced to market opportunities highlighting areas for capability development
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Create strategies for market access and uptake with stakeholders inside and outside the UK space sector
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Establish the overall portfolio of R&D activities across the UK space sector to advise stakeholders on gaps and overlaps
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Carry out specific work in response to stakeholder tasking requiring independence and insight