Supply Chain Assessment

The National Space Partnership (NSP) is undertaking a supply chain assessment for major new commercial opportunities identified in the UK Space Strategy. The supply chain assessment will inform UK strategic planning and performance management processes and support national supply chain policies and decisions.

This activity will create a sector map to connect major new commercial opportunities and public sector requirements with industrial and research base capabilities. The sector map will provide a comprehensive picture of UK supply chain capability maturity and current performance will identify UK suppliers and gap analysis.


  • Summary report including gap analysis and a set of recommendations for the sector

Skills Assessment

The NSP is undertaking an assessment of the alignment of skills with commercial and national ambition within the sector. This will inform future priorities for recruitment and skills development within the sector.

This quantitative desk-based review will evaluate recruitment, gaps, deficits and learning provision against objectives from the National Space Strategy and evaluate alignment to commercial ambition. This may include skills surveys within representative organisations where this additional evidence would enhance the assessment.


  • Summary report with recommendations which will also be applicable to the National Security Space Institute