National Space Partnership - One Day Conference

The National Space Partnership (NSP) hosted a one-day conference in London on Monday 11 April 2022 to share details about the work of the pilot activities and the status of the NSP model, as well as provide insight on how the NSP is going to be implemented.

We were delighted to welcome so many delegates to our successful National Space Partnership engagement event in London with an audience from Government, industry and academia across the country – from Cornwall to Scotland. The NSP Steering Group introduced the day and answered some great questions from the audience as a panel to conclude the day.

NSP Director, Ruth Mallors-Ray, said: “It was a great opportunity to meet many of the people the NSP has engaged with over the four months of its pilot phase.”

NSP Introductory Webinar Series

The National Space Partnership hosted a series of three webinars to give stakeholders the opportunity to hear more about the NSP approach in the pilot phase in the context of the National Space Strategy and the Defence Space Strategy.


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Friday 11 March @ 9.30-11.00
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Thursday 24 March @ 9.30-11.00
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Friday 25 March @ 9.30-11.00

The pilot phase of the partnership is in operation looking to:

Develop a Business Case for the NSP
Demonstrate the NSP Model

There are many other opportunities to engage with the UK space sector. Information about space events can be found here: UKspace, the trade associationSatellite Applications CatapultSpace KTN.


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