Technology Roadmap

The National Space Partnership (NSP) is developing mission-led technology and innovation roadmaps for key missions and ambitions in the UK space sector. This will provide evidence to support policy interventions such as to maximise the success potential of space missions.

This activity will develop mission-led technology and innovation roadmaps for agreed missions by mapping the associated innovation landscape and, working with key stakeholders from the Space Technology Advisory Committee and others, identify the ‘innovation mix’ to achieve the goals.


  • Mission-led technology and innovation roadmaps developed
  • Report detailing evidence to support policy recommendations to enable the missions to be completed successfully
  • Thought leadership publications to engage space and non-space communities.

Regulatory Roadmap

The NSP will identify the key regulatory issues, including spectrum and insurance, which may adversely affect UK growth, levels of private investment in UK businesses and foreign direct investment. We will assess recent trends and the factors that drive those trends, and how the UK compares internationally.

We will also assess the importance of the UK Space Agency, BEIS and Civil Aviation Authority (and other bodies) applying and adhering to space sustainability and environmental objectives across launch, operations and other space activities. We will analyse how these objectives are applied in UK licensing/regulation and how they could be improved to place the UK in a thought-leadership position, lead to greater UK investment, and greater international regulatory diplomacy.


  • A summary report with a set of recommendations and regulatory policy and insurance solutions will be delivered for this activity.

NSIP Future Work Programme

The NSP is developing an evidence-backed, coherent work programme for future phases of the National Space Innovation Programme (NSIP). This will establish a draft set of work programme themes and identify existing funding streams available from UKRI, MOD and others to identify those that may be leveraged in support of those work programme themes.

This activity will review 2019 identification of NSIP EOI Phase analysis and results of NSIP review, undertake consultation events with the sector to confirm themes and potential work programme contents, and consider the merit of an updated EOI consultation for programme areas.


  • Draft NSIP work programme

Understand Mechanisms to increase Private Investment

The NSP is reviewing current levels of private investment in UK businesses, recent investment trends and how UK compares internationally. This will identify the factors that drive those investment trends; and reveal the options to increase space investment in the UK, including policy levers available to encourage investment.

This activity will consider:

  • The developing influence and importance of space sustainability/environmental objectives
  • How sustainability / environmental objectives are applied in UK licensing/regulation
  • How the UK grant funding, regulatory and FDI landscape affects private investment.


  • Summary report including a set of recommendations for the sector