Prioritise Global Market Opportunities

The National Space Partnership (NSP) is undertaking a review of global market opportunities in alignment with UK strategic priorities and strengths. This will lead to enhanced understanding of the priorities based on scale and accessibility of opportunities; and enhanced understanding of the action required to overcome barriers for UK access to those global opportunities.

The review will supplement a desk-based review with input sought from:

  • Relevant UK entities such as DIT, UKSA International Team, Satellite Applications Catapult and UKspace Trade & Export Group (TEG)
  • Industry and academia to understand export potential and existing export activities.


  • Summary report including a set of recommendations for the sector
  • Dissemination events and workshops

Quantify Public Good Opportunities

The NSP is undertaking a review of the use, and potential use of space for ‘public good’. This will lead to the identification and quantification of actual and potential Government and NGO use of space-related services; and provide an analysis of the trends and drivers affecting the use of space supporting public good.
This activity will supplement a desk-based review with input sought from key players in the space industry. Workshops aimed at identifying issues that benefit from space services will also help build those longer-term relationships and aid the coalescing of follow-on projects.


  • Map of the key stakeholders and relationships involved in delivering ‘public good’ services that use or could use space
  • Profile of the key stakeholder organisations
  • Report itemising the Public Good engagement with recommendations for further activities