The Prosperity from Space strategy recommends the UK focuses national effort on four sector market priorities, building on the UK’s standout industrial and academic strengths:


Connectivity Services

Opportunity: £40bn forecast market. UK to capture an increased market share in the largest Space application focusing on opportunities from 5G around autonomous vehicles and Internet of Things.

Situation: Connectivity is the largest source of revenues for the Space industry, generating £18bn per year. However, the industry is undergoing a seismic shift with the advent of new technologies, business models and the preparation for unprecedented levels of global ubiquitous connectivity.


Earth Information Services

Opportunity: £20bn forecast market. Delivering live and local data from new satellite capabilities to enable smarter services for citizens across the UK and around the world, building on the UK’s leading Positioning, Timing and Navigation (PNT) and Earth Observation capabilities. 

Situation: Information about the Earth and our relationship with it support a range of applications, from climate decision making to turn-by-turn satellite navigation. Decision making will only become more reliant on this wave of data as we move to an advanced global digital economy.


In-Space Robotics

Opportunity: Develop and demonstrate technology and services allowing the UK to take a leading role in future in-orbit robotics businesses, including satellite servicing and in-orbit manufacturing.

Situation: Forecasts estimate that the market for in-orbit servicing, in-orbit manufacturing and debris mitigation to be in the region of over $500m, with the UK potentially able to play an active role across the full value chain. Initial opportunities include maintenance and life-extension services for telecoms satellites and servicing future mega-constellations in Low Earth Orbit.


Low Cost Access to Space

Opportunity: £10bn forecast market. Unlock new growth opportunities by capturing a share of the growing satellite business including small platforms and low cost launchers.

Situation: The UK Space Agency has developed the Launch UK plan to capture market share and establish one or more Spaceport facilities in the UK, building upon the UK’s leading capability in small satellites and overcoming the barrier to growth of providing corresponding reliable and secure low cost launch services.