Creating the right environment for success

  • Improving the entrepreneurial pathway and access to finance
  • Setting up a cross-Government working group to secure high value inward investment
  • Demonstrating how smart Government procurement can stimulate commercial investment in infrastructure, giving the UK ‘first mover’ advantage and empowering UKSA to become a procurement agency for the rest of Government
  • Delivering a globally competitive and progressive regulatory system 

Investing in people and places

  • attracting and training up to 30,000 additional skilled people by 2030
  • actively encouraging diversity and inclusion in our workforce
  • showcasing exciting scientific achievements in space and undertaking 1 million interactions with young people each year

Driving growth from investment in ESA, Eumetsat and EU Programmes

  • enhancing the UK’s relationship with ESA and Eumetsat maintain current planned levels of investment
  • fully supporting Government negotiations to ensure future UK / EU partnerships cover current and planned EU space programmes, with opportunities to address shortfalls in activity