Our partnership with Government is based on a clear vision for the UK space sector. This ensures policy keeps pace with technology and creates an attractive regulatory environment to make the UK a great place to grow a space business.

In the UK, the UK Space Agency – as an executive agency of the Government – is responsible for all strategic decisions on the UK civil space programme including:

  • Leading the UK civil space policy
  • Increasing the UK’s contribution to European space initiatives
  • Regulating the UK civil space activities
  • Ensuring the UK meets international treaty obligations.

Whilst the UK Space Agency is responsible for licensing related to satellite launch and operation within the framework of the Outer Space Act, access to spectrum for space and satellite services is managed by Ofcom.

LaunchUK: Spaceflight from the UK

Commercial small-satellite launch is worth a potential £4bn to the UK economy over the next decade.

The Government’s Industrial Strategy included support for a £50 million programme to kick-start small satellite launch and sub-orbital flight from UK spaceports.

The UK is well placed to host commercial launch and sub-orbital flight for science and tourism. We have the right geography, the business environment and industrial capability to succeed in this new market.

LaunchUK is the UK’s spaceflight programme led by the UK Space Agency, the Department for Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority.

The UK’s ambition for a commercial spaceflight programme is progressing fast. In 2018, the Space Industry Act came into law, which will enable the first commercial space launch from UK soil in history, creating the potential for hundreds of highly-skilled jobs and bringing in billions of pounds for the economy.

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