Three areas being explored:

Green Finance

How space systems can support financial mechanisms such as investment and reporting as businesses seek to achieve net zero emissions.

Intelligent Supply Chains

How space systems can enable efficiency and effectiveness in ever more complex transportation and logistic systems.

Smarter, Greener Cities

Navigating the challenges of cities as they continue to urbanise and transform to leverage systems that improve connectivity and reduce environmental impacts.

Read the ‘Strategic Case for Intervention: Smart Green Cities’

Each theme will present an overview of challenges to be overcome and how space capabilities are able to provide some of the solutions. The focus is also on ensuring that space systems and the provision of space-enabled intelligence can be monetised over time.

As the NSP develops, it will provide evidence and insight on areas such as:

Market Intelligence – Prioritising Global Market Opportunities

Across the wide range of markets space can and does serve

Over time, the NSP will consider global market opportunities in alignment with UK strategic priorities and strengths. This will lead to enhanced understanding of the priorities based on scale and accessibility of opportunities; and enhanced understanding of the action required to overcome barriers for UK access to those global opportunities.

Such an approach will supplement existing activities underway across the Department for International Trade, Satellite Applications Catapult and wider space networks.

Capability Alignment – Supply Chain Assessment

Against commercial and national ambitions

The National Space Partnership will consider supply chain assessments for major new commercial opportunities identified in the UK National Space Strategy. The supply chain assessment will inform UK strategic planning and performance management processes and support national supply chain policies and decisions.

Portfolio Evaluation – Enabling a Portfolio View of Space Investments

Reducing risks of duplication and focus investments into gaps of capability development

There is a need to develop an approach for portfolio management and evaluation. The National Space Partnership will consider how this can be done with stakeholders across government, industry and academia. Such an approach will build an agreed picture of investments and opportunities for development against the backdrop of the National Space Strategy.