The National Space Partnership (NSP) is an alliance between UK government, academia and industry developed in response to the changing landscape of the space sector, and in response as a sector, to the first cross-governmental UK National Space Strategy and UK Defence Space Strategy.

A strong partnership within the space sector was established in 2010 between government, academia and industry through the Innovation Growth Strategy, which in 2018 transitioned into the Space Growth Partnership.

The NSP is a progression of this alliance and will be resourced through an independent, professional team to build trust and confidence across government, industry and academia through clear governance, strong confidentiality arrangements and clarity of purpose. It will be equipped to engage diverse communities inside and outside the space sector to lead to evidence-based consensus building on a range of topics.

The need for this type of organisation is a recognised and valued construct in the automotive and aerospace industries through the Advanced Propulsion Centre and Aerospace Technology Institute respectively. Establishing a comparable model in the space sector to act as an independent thought leader will catalyse the creation of a portfolio of programmes developed through rigorous engagement.

The NSP seeks to build one of the most innovative and attractive space economies in the world, to enable the UK to grow as a space nation. It will protect and defend UK interests in space, shape the space environment and use space to help solve challenges at home and overseas. Through cutting-edge research, it will inspire the next generation and sustain the UK’s competitive edge in space science and technology.

The aim of the NSP is to be an independent, trustworthy moderator for government, industry and academia to accelerate the implementation of the National Space Strategy.

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Focus & Delivery

The National Space Partnership is an independent body providing balanced, neutral strategic insight to the UK space sector (government, industry and academia) to accelerate implementation of the National Space Strategy.

Its objectives are for the UK space sector to:

  • Establish a safe forum to exchange ideas and address issues
  • Create and implement appropriate programme strategies
  • Build unity of approach

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Driving Growth

In support of the UK’s National Space Strategy, the NSP will work with industry, academia and government to make the UK a leading space nation, by:

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Delivering a case for the National Space Partnership
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Demonstrating the National Space Partnership Model

The Partnership will be able to look across the programmes and projects being undertaken by government, industry and academia to develop a UK space portfolio approach and will provide insight on where the strategy is delivering as well as gaps. While portfolio management is carried out by funding stakeholders, an independent body able to probe into commercially sensitive areas and provide a neutral overview would deliver benefits to the whole sector.