The Space Growth Partnership (SGP) is a strong and dynamic partnership between industry, government and academia, created to secure the future growth and global success of the UK Space Sector.

Globally, the Space Sector is evolving at an ever increasing rate.  Nations around the world are ramping up their Space capabilities, including in Space science, while private operators are changing the dynamics of the industry and new technologies lowering barriers to entry. Each of these developments represents an opportunity – and a challenge – for the UK.

If we are to grow, and not merely defend, Britain’s share of the global market, we need to do more.

This is why the UK Space community has created a strategy to capitalise on the opportunities presented by rapidly maturing new technologies.

Prosperity from Space is the UK Space Sector’s proposal to government for a Space Sector Deal.  It sets out the current strong position of the Space industry as a contributor to the UK economy and outlines its joint ambition and strategy for the future.

10 percent

Secure 10% of the global Space market by 2030, growing our revenue from £14.8bn to £40bn


Double the value of GDP from industries supported by satellite services from £300bn to £600bn

uk invest

Create an ecosystem attracting £3bn in inward investment and £500m per year equity investment into the UK


Attract and train up to 30,000 additional skilled people

Driving growth

The SGP is responsible for implementing the UK’s Space strategy to deliver results and growth based on:

Combining our capabilities in Space data and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive productivity growth and connectivity in Space-enabled sectors of the UK and exports
Making the UK a hub for new commercial Space services that attracts new entrepreneurs, stimulates the development of innovative products and increases investment for SMEs and start-ups
Developing new global partnerships for science and exports to underpin new export campaigns and new opportunities for UK excellence in Space science and missions
Expanding the sector’s highly skilled workforce across the UK to deliver high productivity jobs in science and industry across the UK and inspire young people to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects.