Blog: NSP Engagement Event

April 21st, 2022
Delegates listen to a speaker during the NSP Conference in April 2022
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The National Space Partnership (NSP) concluded its pilot phase at an event on 11 April in London. It was great to engage face-to-face with over 100 delegates from across Government, industry and academia as well as the additional participants who joined the event online.

The context for the day was set with briefings from the NSP Steering Group (including UKspace, the UK Space Agency and Satellite Applications Catapult), as well as broader policy context provided by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and Ministry of Defence.

Following this, the NSP core team (Andy Shaw, Andrew Davies, Andy Proctor, Mark Presley and Glyn Jones) brief attendees on the range of work they have delivered over the four months of the pilot phase of the Partnership. This included:

  • Cases for strategic intervention in Green Finance and in Smarter, Greener Cities
  • A briefing on capability shaping through market understanding of UK intelligent supply chains
  • A briefing on how the NSP was able to undertake a short notice task with discretion which synthesised varied views on the UK Space Regulatory framework for the Spaceflight Safety and Regulatory Council.

Reports from these activities will be released over the coming weeks.

After a networking lunch that allowed the many regions, industries, academics and government representatives to mix, the Interim NSP Director (Ruth Mallors-Ray) took the opportunity to set the need for engagement and a case for the NSP. This provided a great segue to a final panel session, with the NSP Steering Group (Stuart Martin, Kathy Bass, Graham Peters, Nick Shave, James Endicott (for Andrew Holland) and Ruth Mallors-Ray) taking questions from the in-person audience, from those online.

It was a thoroughly engaging day, full of varied views from a diverse audience of delegates. It rounded off this first stage of the NSP and set the scene for an important future role for the Partnership as an independent and trusted agent able to accelerate the implementation of the National Space Strategy.

Videos from the conference:

Part 1

Part 2

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