NSP seeks survey responses on market focussed workstreams

March 1st, 2022
NSP survey
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The National Space Partnership (NSP) is seeking responses to surveys that will help provide objective insights to markets, space capabilities and proposals to support decision making by Government, industry and academia. A Pilot Phase of the partnership is in operation looking at:

  • Development of a Business Case for the National Space Partnership
  • Demonstration of the National Space Partnership Model

Using the surveys below, the NSP welcomes your feedback on the relevant documents that have been developed. Apart from the NSP Business Case overview, these documents are currently in draft form. Once we have feedback via the surveys, the documents will be finalised in time for the NSP Pilot engagement event planned for early April 2022.

Please complete the survey(s) most relevant to you and your organisation. The deadline for responses is the 4th March.

If you have any queries about this activity, please email Mark Presley or Ruth Mallors-Ray.